Holy Chunky Bead Super Girl

We are quite excited about the new line of Super Hero Girls™ by DC Comics®!!!  In partnership with Target, DC Comics created a line of Super Hero Girls targeted to little girls between 6 and 8 years old.

The Heros are inspired by a group of friends who attend the fictional  DC Super Hero High. The tough little ladies are brave, strong and full of super powers to save the day.

The new line of dolls include  Bumble Bee,  Harley Quinn,  Poison Ivy,  Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl

The Super Hero Girls™ are sold exclusively at Target®. They come in 12 inch and 6 inch sizes. The 12 inch doll retails for $19.99 and the 6 inch dolls retail for $9.99

In addition, to the dolls, DC Comics® also released an official App in the iTunes Store for the dolls too.
Photo Source DC Comics™

Now,  after you pick up your little girl's favorite Super Hero dolls, swing on over to our shop and grab one of the two remaining Super Girl Chunky Bead necklaces that we have in stock!

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5 Interesting FACTS About Barbie

Well hey there chunky bead lovers. Happy Hump Day! Today is National Barbie Day! We thought it would be fun to share some fun Barbie Facts to celebrate the day!

1. Barbie's "real" name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. She's name after the daughter of co-founders Ruth and Elliot Handler.

2. Even though Barbie and Ken had a long term relationship, they never got married.

3.  In 2014, Barbie was knocked off her reigning pedestal by Frozen. After being the #1 bought toy for girls for 11 years Frozen toppled them pushing them to 2nd place. She's still the doll Queen in our eyes!

4. Barbie didn't land the title of most coveted doll without controversy. She's had dolls that were banned.

5. After much criticism of Barbie's size over the years, Mattel finally released various versions of Barbie in different sizes this year.

So Very Sweet

Hey there everyone! Aren't you excited about Spring? We're super excited too. Spring is the start of full swing accessory season, which means no more heavy coats covering up all your pretty chunky bead jewelry.

To get things in gear we have updated all the product photos in the shop. Our selected theme for spring is Cotton Candy!! It's one of Sophia's favorite carnival treats and it compliments the fun feeling of a chunky bead necklace.

We encourage you to visit the shop and check out our new product photos and don't forget to grab a few things before you leave. All new orders will receive oreos or cotton candy in their packages, courtesy of Sophia!