A Little Minnie Makes You Pretty for Santa Claus

Tuesday, November 24, 2015 Sophia C 0 Comments

Well hello there folks. We are back again today with a new curated look. Today's look is about looking pretty for Santa Claus with a little help from Minnie. This complete look comes from my favorite store, The Children's Place. It's the perfect color combination of black, read and white.

Of course with every curated look you must have a chunky bead necklace. So, with his pretty look we paired our black, red and white minnie mouse inspired chunky bead necklace. Don't worry we'll have at least one in the shop ready to ship in Friday.

Loving the rest of the look? Well here are the details for this look.  We're almost certain that you'll probably save a bundle with #BlackFriday coupons, so you can go ahead and add this whole look to the Christmas list for Santa!

Leave an comment and let us know what you think about the Look of the Day!

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